Tsunami warning for Solomon Islands lifted

A tsunami warning has cancelled the region surrounding the Solomon Islands. The alert followed a 7.6-magnitude earthquake. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center dropped its alert for the Solomon Islands on Sunday, roughly two hours after it had originally issued a tsunami warning for the region, including Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and Vanuatu. In a bulletin posted on its website, the center warned of dangerous sailing conditions even though the threat of a tsunami had […]

Act fast to curb global warming, or extract CO2 from air: U.N.

The study, drawing on the work of more than 1,000 experts, said a shift from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy such as wind, solar or nuclear power was affordable and would shave only about 0.06 percentage point a year off world economic growth. “We have a window of opportunity for the next decade, and maximum the next two decades” to act at moderate costs, said Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chair of a Berlin meeting of the Intergovernmental […]

‘Heartbleed’ computer bug threat spreads to firewalls and beyond

(Reuters) – Hackers could crack email systems, security firewalls and possibly mobile phones through the “Heartbleed” computer bug, according to security experts who warned on Thursday that the risks extended beyond just Internet Web servers. The widespread bug surfaced late on Monday, when it was disclosed that a pernicious flaw in a widely used Web encryption program known as OpenSSL opened hundreds of thousands of websites to data theft. Developers rushed out patches to fix […]

Fake drugs confiscated by NBI and FDA

A combined team from the National Bureau of Investigation and Food and Drugs Administration conducted a surprise inspection of drug stores in Metro Manila and confiscated fake medicines and supplements. In one particular drug store in Manila, the NBI and the FDA found a drug store that was selling fake drugs that looked very much like the original medicine. The FDA advised the public to make sure that the drug stores in their areas have […]

WHO joins clamor to make new hepatitis C pills affordable

(Reuters) – The World Health Organization wants a “concerted effort” to drive down the cost of new hepatitis C drugs that offer a cure for the liver-destroying virus but are unaffordable for most infected people worldwide. The forthright comments from the UN agency on Wednesday add to pressure on drugmakers such as Gilead Sciences – which is already facing protests in the United States over its $1,000-a-day pill – to do more to improve access. In its […]

FDA Warns Public Vs. Cheap Bottled Water

The Food and Drug Administration has warned the public to be extra careful in buying bottled water being peddled in the streets. Joyce Cirunay urged the consumers to carefully check the packaging of bottled water since many of them have not passed the inspection of the FDA.

Modern Ways To Job Search

No doubt about it, job-hunting is one of the most difficult challenges faced by new graduates! This is specially true nowadays, as social networking sites up the ante, providing instant background checks for each potential applicants! We at hope that these tips will prove a great help for job-hunters! Do you want to share your own job-hunting tips? Please post your comments!

Vegetarian crocodiles

An unusual crocodile farm in Zimbabwe boasts of vegetarian crocodiles. Said crocodiles only eat vegetable pellets, said to be cheaper and more nutritious than meat.

Just because it’s sweet and sticky doesn’t mean it’s ‘honey’: FDA

(Reuters) – Honey mixed with sugar might be sweet, but it is not “honey.” Food companies and other producers who add sweeteners to honey have to alert consumers by labeling their products as a “blend,” the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Tuesday. Only manufactures that do not add sugar, corn syrup or other sweeteners should label their products as pure “honey,” the FDA said in draft guidelines posted online. The proposal aims “to […]

New app sheds virtual weight so faces look slimmer on ‘selfies’

(Reuters) – A new app that lets users shed virtual weight so their faces look skinnier on “selfie” photos is raising concerns about health and body-image issues. SkinneePix, for iPhone and Android devices, can trim from five to 15 pounds (2-6 kg) of virtual fat for a slimmer selfie look. “Cameras add additional weight to photos and when you’re taking a selfie you’re also dealing with bad lighting, angles, close-ups and a lot of other […]

Ask Healthy Living: Why Do I Look So Terrible After A Night Of Bad Sleep?

“Ask Healthy Living” is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a qualified health care professional for personalized medical advice. Why does my face look so terrible when I don’t sleep enough? There’s a million reasons to get a good night’s rest, but one of them is the simple fact that people tend to look terrible when they’re exhausted. In fact, a recently published study in the journal Sleep […]

How To Fight Depression Naturally

Fight Depression and Feel Awesome The best anti-depressant in the Earth don’t come from a bottle of pill, it is from getting the right amount of sleep, taking a hobby, surrounding yourself with people who makes you happy. Making these simple changes in your life can boost your mood and of course help prevent depression. We are just people, some days just rock, and sometimes we feel nothing. It’s normal to have those days where […]