Long period of sitting, dangerous to the health

MANILA, Philippines, June 26 (Eagle News) — According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sitting for long periods of time is dangerous to the health. The WHO added that sitting for two to three hours without standing can cause diabetes, obesity and the fatal pulmonary embolism. (Eagle News Service Jay Paul Carlos, Jericho Morales, MRFaith Bonalos)

Rats search for landmines

JUNE 26 (Eagle News) – A group in Africa successfully trained giant African rats to sniff out landmines. But the rats’ act of heroism does not stop there. Said rats were also trained to sniff out tuberculosis infection. (Eagle News Service Jay Paul Carlos, Jericho Morales, MRFaith Bonalos)

Transformer robot prototype wows Japanese fair crowds

JUNE 26 (Reuters) — Japan’s No.3 mobile carrier SoftBank Group Corp, Brave Robotics Inc, and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy showed off their new transformer prototype last week at the annual toy fair. The companies, including SoftBank owned Asratec Corp, displayed two models of the transformer robots, one miniature at 26.5 cm (10.4 in) tall and 0.75 kg (1.65 lb), and another at a taller and heavier 1.3 m (51.18 in) and 35 kg (77.16 […]

First head transplant volunteer says he feels “optimistic” about the future operation

JUNE 26 (Reuters) — Valery Spiridonov, the Russian man who suffers from a muscle wasting disease and wants to become the world’s first patient to undergo a full head transplant, said on Thursday (June 25) he feels “optimistic” about the operation and wants it to happen as soon as possible. Spiridonov has just returned from a trip to the United States where he met Italian neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero who unveiled a plan to perform […]

Reasons why you should drink apple cider vinegar

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, June 25) – Made from fermented juice of crushed apples, apple cider vinegar is making waves among health enthusiasts for its many benefits. Many swear by its multiple benefits, which ranges from curing hiccups to alleviating cold symptoms. And what’s bettter, many of the benefits of apple cider vinegar is backed by science. Apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid which has many potent biological benefits. Acetic acid […]

DA beefs up control of cassava witches’ broom disease

JUNE 25 — The Department of Agriculture (DA), through the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), has intensified measures to control the spread of witches’ broom disease, which could endanger the country’s growing cassava industry if not proactively addressed. A bacteria-like organism called phytoplasma causes the witches’ broom disease.[1] The disease reduces cassava root starch content, hence reducing yield value and farmers’ income. Symptoms not noticeable The BPI said that the witches’ broom disease is systemic […]

Adventure abounds in Subic

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, June 24) – Long been a favorite travel destination by many, Subic in Zambales, is only a few hours drive away from Metro Manila. It continues its onward march towards and development and may soon be promoted from a first-class municipality to a component city of the province of Zambales. The former site of a United States naval base, there are many leftovers from said era, like their different […]

Ancient Roman ship found off Sardinian coast

JUNE 24 (Reuters) — Italian police released a video on Tuesday (June 23) showing a well-preserved ancient Roman ship that was recently discovered in waters off the coast of Sardinia. In the video police officers was seen approaching the shipwreck as fish swam in the clear seas surrounding the Italian island. Italian police said their historical discovery was made in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendence, the country’s ministerial institute for archaeology. The ship, which measured […]

Scientists find bass feeding frenzy comes from swimming muscles

JUNE 24 (Reuters) — The largemouth bass is no Jaws… but it still hunts its prey all the same. This ray-finned fish is under X-ray at Brown University. Scientists there determined that the bass gets a majority of its suction feeding power from its axial swimming muscles. The cranial muscles, meanwhile, contribute very little. The axial muscles link up with the intricate bones in the mouth that allow the fish to rapidly open its mouth […]

WWF National Ambassadors Swim with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays

Press Release – June 23, 2015 WWF National Ambassadors Swim with Whale Sharks and Manta Rays For over a decade now, Donsol has been synonymous with whale sharks. Known locally as the Butanding, this gentle giant helped catapult the once sleepy town of Donsol in Sorsogon from a fifth-class municipality to a first-class town – all because of a community-based whale shark ecotourism program that WWF-Philippines and the local government established in 1998. Last month, […]

Headphones and your ears… not the perfect combination

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service, June 23) – It is a common sight these days. People walking around, headphones or earphones on, without a care in the world. Besides the obvious accident waiting to happen – not hearing an incoming vehicle – wearing earphones or headphones have a detrimental effect on our hearing, specially if improperly used. Imagine blasting loud music directly to your eardrums. Now, it isn’t too hard to conclude that this […]

Italy breaks record for world’s longest pizza at Milan Expo

JUNE 23 (Reuters) — A new record for the world’s longest pizza was established by dozens of Italian pizza-makers at Milan’s world fair, Expo 2015, on Saturday (June 20), reaching 1,596 meters in length. The pizza was made with two and a half tons of dough and seasoned with 1.5 tons of tomato sauce, 1.7 tons of mozzarella and 150 litres of oil. In a video released by Milan Expo, more than 80 pizza-makers were […]