Surviving quarantine: five tips from a Russian cosmonaut

Moscow, Russia (AFP) — With more than third of the global population confined to their homes to slow the coronavirus pandemic, many are worried how long they will be cooped up. But being quarantined can be “a good thing” and something “to enjoy,” says veteran Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin. The 61-year-old, who has made five flights to space spending a combined 671 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS), says the main thing is to […]

WATCH: Five 30-second indoor exercises

WASHINGTON DC (Eagle News) — Looking for a quick morning workout but can’t get to the gym? Or following the #StayAtHome trend, EBC Washington DC Bureau Correspondent Ken Cruz, shows EBC International viewers quick and easy workouts. © Eagle News

“Buhay Bahay” of EBC’s “E25 Records” gives a positive take on life under community quarantine

  (Eagle News) – How will you deal with life under quarantine or social distancing amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide? This song, “Buhay Bahay” (House Life) of E25 Records performed by Filipino rapper “Rapido” describes how this life is as millions of people affected by this virus is changing lifestyles across the world. In the song, E25 Records artist Rapido gives a positive spin and some advice to those forced to life under […]

‘Selfie app’ to keep track of quarantined Poles

WARSAW, Poland (AFP) — Poland on Friday launched a smartphone app allowing people under a mandatory 14-day quarantine for coronavirus to send selfies to let authorities know they are indeed staying home. “People in quarantine have a choice: either receive unexpected visits from the police, or download this app,” Karol Manys, digital ministry spokesman, told AFP. The “Home quarantine” app is intended for people undergoing the mandatory 14-day quarantine after returning from abroad, he said. […]

WATCH: Telecommuting and tele-schooling : San Antonio, Texas update

WASHINGTON D.C. (Eagle News) —  “The balance of having to be a mom at the same time and…working and at the same time—having to care for my five-year-old daughter has been a little bit of a challenge.” Czara Venegas is An Equal Opportunity Advisor from U.S. Department of Defense, shares with Eagle News International Washington, D.C. how the COVID-19 lockdown is affecting work life and mom life. Enter Telecommuting and Tele-schooling. “We try to maintain […]

Madrid launches coronavirus app

MADRID, Spain (AFP) — At the epicenter of Spain’s coronavirus outbreak, the Madrid region is launching an appl to help anyone feeling unwell evaluate their symptoms without ringing the overburdened call centers. Currently available online at, the tool “will be made available within days as a mobile application”, the regional government said on Thursday. “This application aims to help avoid the collapse of the Madrid region’s telephone helplines. Carry out this self-test only if […]

Staying positive amid COVID-19 outbreak in Luxembourg

    (Eagle News) — Amid the rising cases of the coronavirus disease worldwide, people in the midst of the crisis are trying to stay positive amid the outbreak. In Luxembourg, virus cases have risen to 140.  These photos show an empty office cafeteria there. The once bustling food center has empty chairs and tables.  Food are packed individually as lunches or snacks, ready just for pick-up by customers to reduce personal contact and prevent […]

Internet platforms vow joint effort to stem virus misinformation

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — The large US internet platforms have pledged a joint effort to root out misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and to promote “authoritative content” about the crisis. A joint statement was issued late Monday by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Reddit along with Google-owned YouTube and Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. “We are working closely together on COVID-19 response efforts.” the joint statement said. “We’re helping millions of people stay connected while also jointly […]

Disney closes US and Paris theme parks, delays ‘Mulan’ over virus

  by Andrew MARSZAL Agence France Presse LOS ANGELES, United States (AFP) — Disney will close its giant theme parks in Florida, California and Paris and pull the releases of major blockbusters including “Mulan” over the coronavirus, it announced Thursday. The resorts are among the largest theme parks in the world, each drawing tens of thousands of visitors each day. They will remain shut at least until the end of March. “In an abundance of […]

Honeywell unveils plan for ‘most powerful’ quantum computer

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — US manufacturing and technology group Honeywell said Tuesday it will bring to market “the world’s most powerful quantum computer” aimed at tackling complex scientific and business challenges. The company said it had achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing, which uses subatomic particles to speed up processing, and would launch the new computers within three months. It released a scientific paper describing the accelerated quantum capability. Honeywell said it had entered […]

Twitter staff told to work from home over virus fears

SAN FRANCISCO, United States (AFP) — Twitter staff across the world were asked to work from home starting Monday in an effort to stop the spread of the deadly new coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, thousands of staff at Google’s European headquarters in Ireland were told to stay away for the day after one employee reported flu-like symptoms. The outbreak has spread across the world since emerging in central China late last year, killing […]