Food delivery apps spice up Indian train journeys

by Bhuvan BAGGA MATHURA, India (AFP) — Passengers on India’s vast railway network have long complained of the terrible meals on offer to sustain them on long journeys, but a slew of new services bringing fast food to their seats is changing the way they dine. From Kentucky Fried Chicken to Domino’s pizza and a host of local delicacies, today’s train passengers have access to a vast array of hot dishes, all at the click […]

Foodie’s paradise

QUEZON City, Philippines (October 11) – It must be Instagram ready: whether we accept it or not, it is one of the many considerations that we have whenever we are about to dine out. In this technologically-inclined generation, millennials do not just go to restaurants for the primary purpose of eating alone, taking social media-ready pictures of the food that we ordered and the people who we are with has become a habit. #foodislife and  #foodislove […]

Japan sushi chain stung by ‘wasabi terrorism’ claims

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — A Japanese sushi chain is being accused of ‘wasabi terrorism’ after it admitted to heaping excess dollops of the pungent root into foreign customers’ food. Osaka-based Ichibazushi issued an apology on its website Sunday, owning up to the charges but denying discrimination was at play. It insisted that the wasabi-laced sushi was a response to many foreign-born patrons ordering extra portions of the fiery green paste used a condiment for the raw […]

Eat them all: Pokemon-inspired burger craze hits Australia

SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) — Pokemon Go fans gathered outside the Sir John Young Hotel in Sydney’s CBD have a new catch-cry, rather than catching them all, here it’s about eating them all. Cashing-in on the Pokemon Go phenomenon, Sydney’s Hashtag Burger and their pop-up restaurant Down N’ Out Burgers have created Pokemon-inspired burgers featuring characters Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander in burger form. With only 100 burgers available per day and hundreds waiting in the cue, […]

What’s up doc? Hong Kong gets its first rabbit cafe

HONG KONG, China (Eagle News) — The newest addition to Hong Kong’s cafe scene is taking a soft approach to business — with 12 resident rabbits for customers to pet. The “Rabbitland” bunnies munch on grass while visitors coo over them between sips of tea and bites of toasted sandwich.  

Delicious Churros in Barcelona

These delicious churros in Barcelona are a special treat in this Spanish city, especially when dipped in hot chocolate. Definitely a must-try when you visit Barcelona. Yummy! (Eagle News Europe Bureau)  

Australian unearths ‘beast’ of a truffle

  SYDNEY, Australia (AFP) — An Australian has uncovered what is thought to be the largest black truffle ever discovered in the country, a 1,511-gram (53.3-ounce) monster that could also be a world-beater.  Stuart Dunbar said he had known since February that a truffle had been growing in the spot where it was found, but its ripening aroma in warmer weather meant he started digging last Thursday. He said he had no idea of the size of […]

In demand: Singapore’s Michelin-starred street food

by Elizabeth LAW SINGAPORE (AFP) — A queue 100-people long snakes out from a tiny food stall in Singapore’s Chinatown, each customer impatiently waiting their turn for a taste of Chan Hon Meng’s prized soya sauce-braised chicken. He has always had loyal customers but in the days since he was awarded a Michelin star, waves of new gourmands have descended on his stall in such numbers that he’s struggling to keep up with demand. Chan […]

Pomegranates may help reverse muscle ageing, say researchers

REUTERS — They’ve long been regarded by many health fanatics as a super food, but now scientists say pomegranates may have anti-ageing properties. In a study published in the journal Nature Medicine researchers at Switzerland’s École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) discovered that once pomegranate seeds are ingested, a molecule inside them is changed by the microbes in the gut. That molecule helps muscle cells to protect themselves against ageing. Professor Johan Auwerx, one of […]

Three-decade study confirms saturated fats are bad for health

  MIAMI, United States (AFP) — Saturated fats in butter, lard and red meat raise the risk of early death, but replacing these with fats like olive oil can offer substantial health benefits, a three-decade study confirmed on Tuesday. The research involving more than 120,000 people was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine. “There has been widespread confusion in the biomedical community and the general public in the last […]