Korean steel plant turns cow dung into green energy

A steel plant in South Korea has managed to improve energy efficiency and lower fuel cost by turning cow dung into a source of green energy to power its production. Cow dung, traditionally used as a fertilizer, is now being collected and used to produce biofuel that is greener and more efficient than traditional fuels like coal. Seoul-based Hyundai Steel has developed a new method to use cow dung as an auxiliary fuel for steel […]

China to strengthen law enforcement, enhance environmental laws

China will strengthen enforcement of new environmental laws, Chen Jining, China’s new minister of environmental protection said at a press conference in Beijing on Monday. The minister promised that his first mission is to improve the environment in accordance with environmental laws, in reply to a question about some environmental departments failing to abide by the law. “In the past, environmental laws were enforced leniently by some departments. Failing to abide by the law has […]

Guian residents hope Hollande’s visit will highlight impact of extreme weather events

(Reuters) — As residents in the Philippine town of Guiuan, which faces the Pacific Ocean in the Eastern Samar Province, prepare for the French President’s visit, they are hopeful it will highlight the impact of extreme weather upon local communities. Francois Hollande, who is in the Philippines for a two-day state visit, will be heading to the coastal community in Guiuan to meet villagers and renew his call to action on climate change. The massive Typhoon […]

The Orchid Show blooms in New York City

Hot pink, sunlit yellow and snow white are just some of the brilliantly colored orchids on display at The New York Botanical Garden in The Bronx. The garden debuted its annual winter show called “The Orchid Show: Chandeliers” for the media yesterday. Offering a respite from New York’s cold, snowy, gray winter weather, the indoor display features thousands of orchids inside the glasshouse of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. “This is the 13th annual orchid […]

China maintains zero tolerance stance on illegal elephant hunting: FM

The Chinese government will continue to maintain zero tolerance stances on illegal trades of ivory, said Foreign Ministry spokesperson yesterday. “The Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection of wild animals including elephants, and maintains zero tolerance stance on illegal trades of ivory. China has been strictly cracking down on the illegal smuggling and trades of ivory at every aspect including legislation, judicature and law enforcement. In addition, China has carried out extensive educational […]

Fishkill in Manila Bay and Pangasinan

The Philippine Coast Guard reported that there have been a series of fishkill with mullet fish floating in Manila Bay breakwater early dawn Monday. Bureau of Fisheries and Acquatic Resources (BFAR) said that “Dissolved oxygen levels from three sampling stations were at 1.2, “way below the normal oxygen level of five (and above)… to be able to sustain marine life.” This oxygen depletion in the water may have been the cause of the fish kills. […]

Eco-complex could breathe new life into Cairo

Cairo probably isn’t the first city where you would expect to see a multi-billion dollar eco complex. But that is set to be a reality within four years, thanks to futuristic plans designed by Belgian-born architect Vincent Callebaut. The Gate Residence will be built in the city’s Heliopolis district and feature 1,000 apartments powered by solar panels, wind turbines and heating tubes. Living columns of vegetation that use the Sun’s rays to heat water and […]