Boracay muling kinilala bilang isa sa Most Beautiful Tropical Beaches in the World

Muling kinilala ang Boracay bilang isa sa most beautiful tropical beaches in the world sa taong ito. Batay na rin ito sa report ng Recordnet, isang media group sa California, United States of America. Ang Boracay lamang ang tanging tropical beach mula sa Pilipinas ang kinilala ng naturang media group. Ikinatuwa ito ng Department of Tourism (DOT) at sinabing ang Boracay ay nasa top drawer para sa International Tourists ngayong 2016 at tinawag ding Crown […]

2015 hottest year on record – WMO

  (Reuters) — Last year’s global average temperature was the hottest ever on record, according to a report released by the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on Monday (January 26). Last year was the hottest since records began in the 19th century in a trend that almost all scientists blame on greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels, stoking heat waves, droughts, downpours and rising sea levels “2015 was the hottest year on record […]

Egypt launches Fossil and Climate Museum

CAIRO, Egypt – The United Nations Development Program, in cooperation with the Italian government, has opened a Fossil and Climate Museum south of Cairo, Egypt in the location known as the Valley of Whales. Said museum features the largest pair of whale skeleton and is intended to develop eco-tourism in the said area. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing and Uploaded by Vince Alvin Villarin)

NASA captures the sun’s cascading magnetic arches

NASA released video on January 15 showing a set of ‘magnetic arches’ which were created in December 2015 when a dark solar filament above the sun’s surface became unstable and then erupted. The video was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and then put onto social media. NASA said on social media that a small eruption in the upper right part of the sun’s filament was most likely related to the collapse. NASA also […]

Basura mula sa Canada, nagbigay problema sa Tarlac

Kung tone-toneladang blacksand ang isyu sa Pangasinan, tone-toneladang imported na basura naman ang naging problema sa Tarlac. Basta na lamang kasi itinapon sa Sanitary Landfill ng Capas, Tarlac ang mga basura mula Canada. (Agila Probinsya Correspondent Aida Tabamo)

El Niño brings intense drought to parts of Colombia

A helicopter flies over the drying out River Magdalena, which is currently experiencing its lowest level since environmental authorities began their measurements 50 years ago, due to an intense drought in Colombia, caused by El Niño phenomenon. Fisherman Gabriel Barreto walks barefoot along the river’s parched and cracked riverbed, which flowed with water six months ago and is the most important in the South American country. Standing in his canoe, Barreto repeatedly throws his net […]

Cloud Seeding: Its Pros and Cons

QUEZON City, Philippines (January 18) – The El Niño phenomenon currently occurring in the Asia Pacific region –yup, our country’s included—continues to intensify. It started on September 2015, and is expected to endure till the first quarter of this year. Along with the scorching heat, different problems comes along with it, such as lack of rainfall, poor harvests and significantly declined water supply. With these things in consideration, weather modification and manipulation comes into the scene. […]

Chameleon’s tongue-lashing technique analysed

A tongue lashing you wouldn’t want to be on the end of… especially if you’re this chameleon’s favorite snack. Called Rhampholeon spinosus, it’s small enough to fit on a human thumb. But the rapid recoil of elastic tissues in its tongue when it strikes puts its bigger relatives to shame. Research published in scientific journal Nature on the feeding technique of 20 species of chameleon found smaller ones could project their tongues 2-and-a-half times their […]

Cocoa farming in booms after climate change wreaks havoc on coffee crops

Soaring temperatures in Central America due to climate change are forcing farmers to pull up coffee trees and replace them with cocoa plants, spurring a revival in the cultivation of a crop once so essential to the region’s economy it was used as currency. Farmers across the region, known for its high-quality arabica beans, are still recovering from a devastating coffee leaf rust disease known as roya that wiped out crops over the past three […]

National Zero Waste Month

Taking the Reuse, reduce, recycle in a whole new level! Let’s learn and exchange ideas this January as we celebrate the National Zero Waste Month 2016. Infographics designed by Eliud Barcelona Research by Judy Ann Casamayor

‘Walking Trees’ can walk up to 20 meters

The Socratea exorrphiza also known as the ‘Walking Tree’ is the only tree that can move and walk around the rainforest floor. These ‘Walking Trees’ can move up to two to three centimeters every day or 20 meters every year. (Eagle News Service)