South America

Helicopter accident kills 16 police officers in Colombia

  (Reuters)– Sixteen policemen died on Tuesday (August 04) and two were injured when a helicopter likely crashed into the side of mountain in a wooded region of northwestern Colombia, Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas said. Apartado Clinic Director General Nicolas Suarez said the two injured police officers were being treated in his hospital. “We received a call from the clinic alerting us that they were coming with people injured in the helicopter accident. Up […]

Funeral for Mexican journalist killed in Mexico City after his life had been threatened

  (Reuters) — Slain Mexican news photographer, Ruben Espinosa, was laid to rest in Mexico City on Monday (August 03) days after he was shot dead in his apartment, the latest in a string of murders that has prompted protests from fellow journalists. Espinosa, who a month ago claimed in interviews that he felt threatened by the governor of eastern Veracruz state, was the lone male among five victims that police discovered bound, beaten and […]

Eleven Colombian military personnel killed in plane crash

(Reuters) — Eleven Colombian military personnel were killed on Friday (July 31) when their transport plane suffered motor failure and crashed in the northern province of Cesar, killing all on board, according to a statement from the Air Force. The burned hulk of the plane was found near the town of Codazzi, about 600 kilometres (372 miles) northeast of Bogota near the border with Venezuela. My deepest sympathy and solidarity with this news which saddens […]

Drought leads to mass cutting of trees in Los Angeles

JULY 7 (Reuters) — Los Angeles city officials say they don’t have enough water to irrigate all the trees in the city so they are cutting down those that are dead or dying from drought. According to the city, roughly 14,000 trees have died in the last year alone from drought. ”It’s difficult to say the specific cause of death. But the drought is a very much a very real contributing factor,” said Laura Bauernfeind, […]

Hordes of red crabs wash up on Southern California beaches

(Reuters) Hundreds of thousands of tiny crabs have been washing up on Southern California beaches, marring the sandy coastline with streaks of red, as warm ocean currents carry them farther north and closer to shore than usual. The red tuna crabs have been dying in hordes on beaches from San Diego to Orange County, although some have been washed back out to sea alive. Such strandings take place periodically and are not necessarily a threat to […]

White suspect arrested in killing of nine at black U.S. church

JUNE 19 (Reuters) — A white man suspected of killing nine people in a Bible-study group at a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina was arrested on Thursday (June 18) and U.S. officials are investigating the attack as a hate crime. Law enforcement officials detained alleged gunman Dylann Roof, 21, after a traffic stop in Shelby, North Carolina, about 220 miles (350 km) north of Charleston, said Shelby police chief Jeff Ledford. “At 10:43 […]

Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador arrive in Chile for Copa America championship

JUNE 9 (Reuters) –  Argentina, Paraguay and Ecuador practice in Chile ahead of impending Copa America tournament. SHOWS: LA SERENA, CHILE (JUNE 7, 2015) (ORIGINALLY 4:3) (TVN – NO ACCESS CHILE/CNN/CHILE WEBSITES) 1. VARIOUS OF PLAYERS FROM ARGENTINE NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM LEAVING PLANE UPON ARRIVAL 2. (SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) UNIDENTIFIED ARGENTINA FAN SAYING: “We came here representing all of Argentina and we are still waiting for the arrival of 35,000 more Argentines. I’m not sure what […]

Landslide in Colombia kills 50

MAY 19 – Continuous string rains resulted in a landslide that killed 52 people in Colombia. Said landslide also caused damages to infrastructure. (Colombia, South America) (Eagle News Service Jay Paul Carlos, Jericho Morales, MRFaith Bonalos)

Brazil says execution of Brazilian in Indonesia complicates relations

THE Brazilian government on Tuesday (April 28) said it received with “profound consternation” the news that a Brazilian citizen had been executed in Indonesia along with eight other mostly international prisoners earlier in the day. The government also said this event compounded with the execution by firing squad of the Brazilian national Rodrigo Gularte earlier this year combined to create a “serious issue” as far as relations between Brazil and the southeast Asian country. “The Brazilian […]

Bolivia seize 654 kilos of cocaine headed to Spain

BOLIVIA — Bolivian authorities on Tuesday (April 21) said they had seized more than 650 kilograms (1,400 pounds) of cocaine and arrested six suspected drug traffickers. Bolivian government minister Hugo Moldiz said the sting was an operation that lasted several months that led to the arrest of the suspects and the seizure of the drugs which he said were destined for Spain. Narcotics police officers displayed the more than 600 bricks of cocaine for journalists […]

7 killed in Colombia plane crash

A small passenger plane crashed in northern Colombia on Wednesday (December 24), killing all six passengers and the pilot, who had warned air traffic control of a mechanical fault moments before, the website of the “El Tiempo” newspaper reported. The Cessna aircraft operated by Alas, a small regional airline, disappeared while flying theBucaramanga to Malaga route in Santander province, the newspaper’s website said, adding all seven bodies were found inside or near the plane. The […]