Malaysia says Indian Ocean airplane debris is part of a Boeing 777

(Reuters) — Malaysia said on Sunday that airplane debris that washed up on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion has been identified as being from a Boeing 777, the same model as a Malaysian Airlines plane which vanished last year. Experts hope the 2-2.5 meter (6.5-8 feet) wing surface, known as a flaperon, and a fragment of luggage also found on Reunion could yield clues on the fate of Flight MH370, which disappeared without trace […]

Hiroshima survivors: haunted 70 years on but determined to pass on their memories

(Reuters) — Almost seventy years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, the ageing survivors of the world’s first nuclear attack on a civilian population are starting to worry about the legacy they are leaving behind. Seventy-five-year-old Hiroshi Harada still remembers how his leg sank into one of the bodies blocking a narrow Hiroshima street 70 years ago as he fled the spreading fire ignited by the atomic bombing. Later that day, a girl grabbed Harada, […]

Aid arrives into Myanmar’s Sittwe as floods displaces thousands

  (Reuters) — Aid from local government and non-government agencies arrived at Myanmar’s Sittwe airport on Friday (July 31), after deadly monsoon rains displaced tens of thousands of people, flooded swathes of rice paddy and prompted fears of dams collapsing. The storms and floods have so far killed 21 people, with water levels as high as 2.5 metres in Sagaing and 4.5 metres in western Rakhine state, according to the government, which on Friday declared […]

Eleven Colombian military personnel killed in plane crash

(Reuters) — Eleven Colombian military personnel were killed on Friday (July 31) when their transport plane suffered motor failure and crashed in the northern province of Cesar, killing all on board, according to a statement from the Air Force. The burned hulk of the plane was found near the town of Codazzi, about 600 kilometres (372 miles) northeast of Bogota near the border with Venezuela. My deepest sympathy and solidarity with this news which saddens […]

Russian granny suspected of killing and dismembering 13 says she wants to live in prison

  (Reuters) — A 68-year-old Russian woman was arrested on Tuesday (July 28) in St. Petersburg suspected of killing and dismembering a pensioner neighbour several days before. Police suspect Tamara Samsonova may have also killed a 32-year-old lodger in 2003. The elderly woman’s case drew substantial attention in Russia after police retrieved a diary she kept in three languages – Russian, English and German – detailing 11 other murders. Samsonova confessed to some of the […]

Shell cuts 6,500 jobs as oil prices hurt

JULY 31 (Reuters) — Job cuts and falling profits at Royal Dutch Shell are the latest indication of how prolonged low oil prices are taking their toll. Profits in the second quarter were 37 percent lower than last year. Net income was $3.8 billion, down from more than $6 billion a year earlier, missing analysts forecasts. It’s to axe 6,500 jobs to help mitigate the impact. Ben van Beurden, Chief Executive, Royal Dutch Shell said, […]

Russian state “involved” in ex-KGB agent’s London murder, inquiry hears

(Reuters) — The Russian state must have been involved in the 2006 poisoning of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko with a radioactive isotope, which amounted to “a nuclear attack on the streets” of London, an inquiry into the death was told on Thursday (July 30). Kremlin critic Litvinenko died weeks after drinking green tea laced with polonium-210 at London’s plush Millennium hotel. From his deathbed he accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering his killing but […]

Landslide near Nepal’s popular Annapurna trek route kills 30

  (Reuters) — Landslides triggered by torrential rain in Nepal swept through villages on Thursday (July 30), killing at least 30 people, home ministry officials said. The landslides struck the villages near the resort town of Pokhara, 125 km (77 miles) west of Kathmandu shortly after midnight. In the village of Lumle about half of the homes were buried or destroyed by a torrent of mud and rocks. A local resident said the landslide escalated […]

Photographs show Reunion plane debris; authorities still examining if debris is part of missing MH370

  (Reuters) — French gendarmes and police examined a large piece of plane debris found on the beach in Saint-Andre, on the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion on Wednesday (July 29). France’s BEA air crash investigation agency said it was examining the debris, in coordination with Malaysian and Australian authorities, to determine whether it came from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which vanished last year in one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history. […]

Israel authorises force-feeding of hunger-striking prisoners

  (Reuters) — Israel’s parliament on Thursday (July 30) passed into law the ability to force-feed prisoners on hunger strike, a move that has met vehement opposition from the country’s medical association. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rightist coalition weathered a lengthy parliamentary debate and the law passed with 46 lawmakers in favour and 40 opposed in the 120-seat Knesset. Israel has long been concerned that hunger strikes by Palestinians in its jails could end in […]

Mexico breaks its own record for largest “torta” sandwich

JULY 30 (Reuters) — An army of chefs in Mexico City on Wednesday (July 29) crafted a 65-metre-long (213-feet-long) monster sandwich – making it the biggest sandwich ever made in Latin America. Local authorities and dozens of local business rolled up their sleeves to prepare the sandwich – known as ‘torta’ in Mexico. Thousands of pieces of bread, lettuce, onion and tomato were mixed with hundreds of liters of mayonnaise, mustard and spicy sauces for […]

Cincinnati police officer indicted in shooting death of black man

(Reuters) — A University of Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man has been charged with murder after a grand jury investigation, the Hamilton County prosecutor said on Wednesday (July 29). Prosecutor Joseph Deters, speaking bluntly at a news conference to announce the charges, called the July 19 death of Samuel Dubose, 43, “senseless” and totally unnecessary. He said Ray Tensing, the white officer who shot Dubose in the head, never should […]