Thousands protest vs Western Australian government’s shark culling programme

Thousands of people protested at various beaches across Australia on Saturday (February 1) to voice opposition to the Western Australian Government’s controversial shark culling programme. Up to 6,000 people gathered at Cottelsoe Beach in Perth holding up placards and chanting “rights, rights, rights for great whites.” At Manly, one of Sydney’s surfing beaches, about 2,000 people turned up to show support for the sharks. “We are surfers, we are divers, we walk the beach, we love the beach, we love the […]

Demolition experts bring down Frankfurt skyscraper

Thousands of spectators have watched the demolition of a skyscraper in Frankfurt that once formed part of the university. The collapse took all of ten seconds. Almost one ton of explosives inserted into 1,500 drilled holes were used on Sunday to raze the so-called “AfE Turm” (“AfE Tower”), standing at 116 meters (381 ft). Police estimate that more than 10,000 people gathered in the center of Germany’s financial hub Frankfurt to watch the spectacular demolition. […]

Indonesia’s Mt. Sinabung volcano erupts, kills at least 14 people

(Reuters) — Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano erupted and killed at least 14 people on the western island of Sumatra on Saturday (February 1), the first time it is known to have claimed any lives, a senior government official said. The volcano has becoming increasingly active in recent months, regularly spewing columns of ash several kilometres into the air. The government has evacuated tens of thousands of residents near the area. The head of the evacuation team, […]

Canada strips newspaper publisher Conrad Black of honors

(Reuters) —  Canada has canceled two prestigious honors for Conrad Black, who once ran a newspaper empire stretching from the Chicago Sun-Times to Britain’s Daily Telegraph and the Jerusalem Post but who ended up in U.S. prison for fraud. The government on Friday (January 31) terminated his appointment as an officer of the Order ofCanada, which recognizes a lifetime of high achievement and merit. It also removed him from the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, ostensibly a group of cabinet ministers and other prominent Canadians appointed […]

Thai vote starts peacefully, but political paralysis looms

(Reuters) – Thailand went to the polls under heavy security on Sunday in an election that could push the divided country deeper into political turmoil and leave the winner paralyzed for months by street protests, legal challenges and legislative limbo. Voting started peacefully a day after seven people were wounded by gunshots and explosions during a clash between supporters and opponents of embattled Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in a north Bangkok stronghold of her Puea Thai Party. […]

Mexican president to seek OK on telecom, oil reform specifics

(Reuters) – Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said on Friday he will send secondary laws that flesh out landmark telecoms and energy reforms for congressional approval as he seeks to boost competition and economic growth. Pena Nieto pushed a series of reforms through Congress last year, which also spanned taxes and education, but the implementation of energy and telecoms reforms requires a separate batch of secondary laws. He held off fast-tracking the reforms. The move […]

Amanda Knox conviction in Italy could spur lengthy extradition fight

  (Reuters) – Italy’s conviction of Amanda Knox for the murder of her British roommate when the two were exchange students together could spur a drawn-out fight over extradition in the United States, where supporters contend she is the victim of a faulty foreign justice system. If Knox’s conviction is ultimately confirmed pending further appeals, her lawyers are expected to argue that the United States cannot send her to Italy in part because of U.S. constitutional guarantees […]

Global arms trade shrinks in 2012, US and European companies dominate

An annual report by Sweden’s SIPRI research institute has identified a slight year-on-year reduction in global arms sales for 2012. The report ranks the 100 most successful companies selling military equipment. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published its SIPRI Top 100 league table on Friday. Overall, revenue for the world’s 100 top arms dealers dropped by 4.2 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year. SIPRI’s top 100 companies generated $395 billion (around 290 billion […]

Flood in Bolivia

Torrential rains in Bolivia brought overflowing rivers and flood to vast areas of the country causing 40 deaths and the Bolivian government to declare a state of emergency.