EU Elections 2014

European elections in the EU 28-member states are underway from May 22-25 The EU voters are to elect the 751 members of the new European Parliament who will be serving the next five years. They represent EU’s more than 500 million inhabitans. MALOU FRANCISCO REPORTS

Balkan floods raise health concerns and threaten power supplies

People in Serbia and Bosnia are struggling to deal with the record floods which have inundated vast areas and cut power supplies. There is increasing concern about health problems because of contaminated water. Flooding and landslides are the major problems being tackled by rescue teams and volunteers as the Balkans struggle with the consequences of in more than a century. Serbia’s capital Belgrade is preparing for a river water surge┬áthat has threatened to inundate the […]

Lost Faberge Egg

$20 million dollar Lost Faberge Egg can be seen in London after more than a decade of not seeing this. This was commissioned by the Russian Emperor Alexander III as a present to his wife on 1887 but was taken during Russian Revolution on 1917 and was found nowhere in United States. Faberge Egg was bought by the unknown man for $14,000 and decided to exhibit it for 4 days in a small exhibit in […]

Spanish court says Catalonia sovereignty claim illegal

MADRID Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:59pm EDT (Reuters) – Spain’s Constitutional Court on Tuesday partially struck down a sovereignty claim approved by lawmakers last year in the northern region of Catalonia, a vital step toward a referendum on full independence, court papers showed. In January 2013, Catalonia’s regional parliament unanimously adopted a declaration of self-determination saying the people had the right to vote on breaking away from the rest of Spain. The Madrid court declared […]