Cambodian PM refuses to pay up on Pacquiao-Mayweather bet

MAY 7 (Reuters) — Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen said on Monday (May 3) that he would not be paying up on a $5,000 bet he made on the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

Sen backed Filipino Pacquiao to win, but appeared outraged that Mayweather got the nod in what was being billed the fight of the century.

The American was a comfortable winner on all three judges’ scorecards.

Although many boxing experts have agreed that Mayweather was a worthy victor, some casual fans have been left puzzled that his more defensive approach gained reward, rather than Pacquiao’s aggression

And Hun Sen seems to be one of those scratching his head over the result.

“Even in the 12th round Pacquiao was still coming forward on to Floyd Mayweather Jr. but the decision they came up with, I didn’t understand it,” he said at a political event in Cambodia’s Posat Province.

So I appeal to those three US judges to explain why, for what reason, did they think that Floyd Mayweather won the fight?

Hun Sen added: “Now people around the world are protesting, and that protest is not small, it is very big because Floyd is always running and defensive, he wasn’t fighting. In contrast to that, Pacquiao fought really hard and was always hitting Floyd.” (Posat Province, Cambodia)