BuzzFeed Staff tries Filipino fastfood Jollibee for the first time

BuzzFeed, a popular entertainment website in the United States, tried Jollibee for the first time.   It described Jollibee as the “world’s most popular Filipino fast food restaurant” and had their staff, mostly white Americans, try it. Their reactions were quite entertaining, one of the staff members said, “Burger steak, it’s beautiful!”

One of the testers who tried Jollibee’s halo-halo said “How stoned are the Jollibee people when making all this stuff up,” not knowing that Jollibee didn’t “make up” halo-halo.

“Halo-halo” is a popular Filipino iced dessert with shaved ice, evaporated milk and various ingredients like cooked sweet bananas, camote or sweet potato, kidney beans, sweetened langka or jackfruit, leche flan, jello, nata de coco and other fruits

Watch their reactions when they tried Jollibee for the first time.