British couple vlogging about PHL tourist spots rooting for Filipino athletes in SEA Games

(Eagle News) – A British couple who have been visiting the Philippines since April this year to vlog about the country’s best travel spots, have expressed their support and admiration for Filipino athletes competing in the 30th Southeast Asian Games.

Matt and Molly of the Youtube Channel “Dabble and Travel” have also watched some of the SEA Games events, including a gymnastics event of Filipino teenager, Carlos Yulo.

They were also there to watch the opening ceremonies of the SEA Games on Nov. 30 at the 55,000-seater Philippine Arena, and were interviewed by Eagle News that day.

Their interview was aired on NET 25, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s TV channel.

“It’s just amazing,” the couple said of the Philippine Arena SEA Games opening which, they said, showcased everything that was great about the Philippines.

Matt said the Philippine Arena was simply incredible, and expressed excitement about the country’s hosting of the SEA Games.

Molly said they liked the Philippines so much, and wanted to be immersed in the local culture.

Later, they were also surprised to see their interview on prime time TV aired on NET 25 and uploaded on the Eagle News YouTube channel, and reacted on their interview with their own video in their Youtube channel, Dabble and Travel.

In their Youtube video, the couple, who came from London, said they decided to come to the Philippines to see and experience its amazing sights.

Molly said everything about the country was unbelievable, as they fell in love with the cities and the beaches which they have been to so far.

In their video reaction to the SEA Games opening, they said they were totally blown away by it.

It was “Olympic standard opening ceremony” celebration, Matt said of the incredible opening.

“We hated the fact that there was so much bad press of the SEA games,” Molly noted

Everything was so well-organized, they said, and even the long queues to the Philippine Arena moved quickly.

They said the Philippine Arena was “so impressive.”

The couple also loved the song “Manila” played when the Philippine athletes went on parade on stage, that Matt said Molly couldn’t help but dance to the tune. They said that they searched the internet about the song later.

They also were excited that Sultan of Brunei and President Rodrigo Duterte were there, and noted Duterte’s dance moves to the “Manila tune.”

“Wow! What an event!,It was absolutely smashing,” they said.

They are also rooting for Filipino athletes in the SEA games, and encouraged their viewers and subscribers to go and support the SEA games.

They also posted videos of the SEA games events that they have watched in support of the Philippines.

In one of their vlogs, the couple can be seen going to the Rizal Sports Stadium gymnasium where Carlos Yulo was competing.

They were all praises for the Filipino wonder gymnast, and said he was so focused, and amazing.

They also watched boxing events at the PICC, also showing their support for Filipino athletes.

They said the Philippine president did a wonderful job in making sure that most of the SEA Games events were for free, so more people could watch them.

Matt and Molly also posted a video of how they admired Filipino surfer Roger Casugay who was leading in the surfing competition in La Union when he turned around to save an Indonesian surfer who fell into the waters last week.

“It just shows the spirit of the Philippines, it just shows the spirit of the SEA Games,” they said.

That split second decision to risk his life to save another competitor was truly one of a kind, the vlogging couple noted.

This heroism of a Filipino athlete choosing to help a competitor whose life is in danger is a defining moment of the Filipino athlete, they said, something that should make all Filipinos proud, they said.

“We have heard so much negative press before, which was a lot of rubbish,” they said as they had observed the wonderful games and the venues, and the “incredible” opening ceremonies.

A few days later, Casugay, on Sunday, Dec. 8, won a gold at the long-board surfing competition.

Filipino surfing hero Roger Casugay clinches gold in longboard

The British couple said they fell in love with the Philippines, its culture, and its people, and its wonderful sights, and wanted to live in the country.

They noted how the 30th SEA Games hosted by the Philippines is the best ever.

Even before coming to the Philippines, Matt and Molly have been posting videos of how they were trying and loving Filipino food in London, Hawaii and the US.