Breakfast Buddy

breakfast 2QUEZON City, Philippines (September 9) – Skipping breakfast? Not healthy!

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult. Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal, or nibble on high-calorie snacks to stave off hunger.

Trust me, I know because I’m a big eater! And I tell you, it’s the most important part of the day.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!®.com has benefits on having breakfast to show you:

  • Eat Better All Day

People who eat a nutritious breakfast have been found to make healthier food choices all day long.

  • Fit into Your Smarty Pants

Eating a nutritious breakfast can help your concentration and memory throughout the day. Feast on fluffy eggs: eggs contain chorine, which helps boost brainpower.

  • Fuel UpEgg

No matter what time of day you exercise, you need food to fuel your workout. Have a light breakfast before a morning workout that lasts an hour or less. Your metabolism should start running before your feet do! If you’re planning a long workout or want to exercise later in the day, make sure you get a larger balanced breakfast with protein, good fats, and complex carbs. Skip the fried and fatty foods and big portions of protein, all of which take hours to digest.

  • What the Heart Wants

A diet high in saturated fat puts you at risk for coronary heart disease. Eating a nutritious breakfast including more good unsaturated fats like those found in the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!® is a nutritious way to start the day.

  • It Does a Body Good

It sounds obvious, but without eating breakfast, your body misses out on nutrients it needs to function, like fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also, nobody likes it when you get “hangry.” Get it? Hungry and angry at the same time?

Whether or not you’re a big eater or trying to be consistent on a diet, this article aims to inform you that breakfast is important!

Scroll down for more details while you enjoy imagining a chocolate mousse waiting for you to be eaten.


But I am not joking around when I said that having breakfast is very important to you. It simply helps you build your system and make it functional throughout the day. Don’t you want to be energetic so you can do the entire thing you have to do all day?

I do!

breakfastAnd, Why You Should Eat a Healthy Breakfast?

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration in the classroom.
  • Studies show that breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • Hunger sets in long before it’s time for lunch, but because it’s not convenient to eat properly, many people who have not eaten breakfast snack on foods that are high in fat and sugar.
  • People who skip breakfast are unlikely to make up their daily requirement for some vitamins and minerals that a simple breakfast would have provided.
  • Breakfast provides energy for the activities during the morning and helps to prevent that mid-morning slump.

But then you may probably say “I’m always late for everything; I don’t have time for breakfast”. Here are the tips on eating a quick and healthy breakfast:

  • Pick 2-3 foods, including at least one from each of the following food groups:
  • -bread and grain (i.e.cereal, toast, muffin)
  • -milk and milk product (i.e. low-fat yogurt, low-fat milk)
  • -fruit or vegetable group (i.e bananas, apples, carrots)
  • Pick up portable breakfast items when at the grocery store. You should buy foods like fruit, low-fat yogurt, whole grain breakfast bars, or granola bars for those mornings when you have to eat breakfast on the go.
  • Replace or accompany that morning cup of coffee with a glass of orange juice or milk.
  • Make an omelette! You can shorten preparation time by chopping up your vegetables ahead of time.
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier. You can fix and consume a healthy breakfast in 15 minutes or less.
  • Plan ahead to eat breakfast. This means you should decide what you are going to eat for breakfast before the next morning.   You can save time by putting out the box of cereal or cutting up some fruit the night before.

Bu then again, if you will have infinite reasons to escape breakfast, there’s something we call “Drive thru”.

And yes, you have to drive. And order.

Happy eating!

(written by Joana Joyce Tan Marcaida, edited by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Lovely Ann Cruz)