Benefits of Walking – Why Walking is Good To The Health?

Benefits of Walking

By: Natalie Kate Ann Juntado

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Some people might not get used to it, but walking 30 minutes every day especially every morning can help improve our health and fitness, reduces heart disease, osteoporosis and some cancers. Not only that, walking also stretches our mind and soul which creates a sense of rhythm as we listen to our own silent rhythm that makes us a complete man – fit in mind, body and soul. But why most people tend to ditch this simple exercise?

Here, we share to you why walking as exercise perhaps improve our system

Why Walking

World has changed drastically from manual to instant, from house meal to fast food, and if you notice the means of transportation nowadays improved in so many ways, that some people tend to forgot to take a little walk for a while because they are rushing into work or somewhere. We never know that our blood never gets an airing and having a little time to exercise can change everything about that. Listed below are benefits of walking:

1. Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke

2. Reduced body fat

3. Help strengthen and shape your legs

4. It boosts your Vitamin D

5. Injects your more energy

6. Helps you to focus

7. It lowers high blood pressure

8. Helps you sleep better and handle stress

9. Strengthen your bones

10. It makes you happy and improves your self- esteem

Walking 30 minutes a day

In order to get the health benefits of walking, you must a have a strong will and discipline coming from yourself. Get at least 30 minutes walk each day as briskly as you can and keep your pace at 3 to 5 miles an hour. “Brisk” means that you can still talk not sing for approximately 20 minutes. If you have trouble walking for 30 minutes, don’t pout because the most important thing is you do this regularly. Walking keeps your mind in peace which is good for the soul and develops your way of thinking. It is better if you done walking in the most peaceful and calm surroundings while you are still enjoying the rays of the sun.

Walking may burn your thighs but this is definitely worth to try. Perfect timing since this coming February 15, 2014, there is an upcoming event held by Iglesia Ni Cristo “World Wide Walk For Those Affected By Typhoon Yolanda.” Aside from the given fact that you already gave helped, you even gave yourself an opportunity to try this exercise. Stay fit and healthy!