Are the Philippine Civil Servants Ready for the ASEAN Integration?

(ENS) — Human resource development and capacity building is one of the areas of cooperation identified in the ASEAN integration 2015.  Just how ready are the Philippine civil servants for the upcoming regional integration next year?

In this episode of ASEAN in Focus, Director Ma. Luisa “Liza” Salonga-Agamata, Director IV of the Civil Service Commission’s Public Assistance and Information office, tackles the various programs being done by the Civil Service Commission to prepare the country’s civil servants for the ASEAN integration.  She also discusses the various human resource capability-building necessary for the country to become competitive when regional integration takes place.

She said the the Civil Service Commission is prepared for the upcoming integration and got, in fact, good ratings recently, including those from the Pulse Asia Survey.

Agamata also stressed that the CSC has the “capacity to lead the bureaucracy” and has also received various awards, among which were four Trailblazer Awards and the People’s Management Award of the Philippines (PMAP).  CSC has also received recently the accreditation from the Investors in People, an agency based in the United Kingdom that provides a best practice people management standard, offering accreditation to organisations that adhere to the Investors in People framework.

“It’s a global accreditation and so we’ve gone international,” Agamata said in the NET 25’s ASEAN in Focus interview.

She said the Civil Service Commission is in fact the first government agency in the whole of Southeast Asia to have received such a global accreditation.

“We are preparing the entire bureaucracy for the ASEAN integration,” she said in the interview.

She said the government, through the CSC, is also “upgrading the quality of service at the front line through the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA), a legislation being pushed by the commission.

“We have achieved at least 95% in terms of satisfaction level of nine agencies that have undergone the report card survey under the ARTA,” Agamata said.

The CSC is the HR agency of the entire bureaucracy composed of 1.4 million state workers.

“We have the competency to lead the rest bureaucracy as far as HR and organization development is concerned,” CSC’s Agamata said.

ASEAN in Focus anchors Alma Angeles and Neah Mangawang interview CSC’s Director Agamata in this episode of ASEAN in Focus.

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(Eagle News Service)