Are Philippine rural communities prepared for the ASEAN integration?


Narrowing the development gap in ASEAN refers to reducing various forms of disparities among and within member states where some pockets of underdevelopment persist.  And it is in the rural areas, where this underdevelopment is usually found.

In preparing for the ASEAN integration in 2015, the rural communities thus also play a vital role in the region.

In this Nov. 18, 2014 interview in ASEAN in Focus, the President of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement, Mr. Isagani Serrano helps shed light on this important issue.

Mr. Serrano has been the acting president of the PRRM since august 2008.  He has also been a co-convenor  of Social Watch-Philippines, Philippine Greens, Earth Day Network Philippines. He is also among the founders of coalitions, like the Congress For A People’s Agrarian Reform, Freedom From Debt Coalition, Green Forum Philippines, Convergence For Community-Centered Area Development, Conference Against Poverty.

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