Angat dam dips below critical level anew

(Courtesy PAGASA dam monitoring)


(Eagle News) – After days of hot weather with almost no rains, Angat dam’s water level went below the 160 meter critical level as of Thursday morning, July 11.

According the PAGASA’s dam monitoring, the dam’s water level as of 6 a.m. Thursday stood at 159.93 down from (July 10) Wednesday morning’s 160.30

La Mesa Dam’s water level also went down to 72.16 meters from Wednesday morning’s 72.21 meters. This was, however, still above the 69-meter critical level for the dam.

It was on July 2 that Angat dam’s water level recovered enough from days of monsoon rains then to go above the 160-meter critical level.

It was on June 22 that the dam’s water level first dipped below the critical level as it went down to 159.78 meters.
After that, there was a week of continuous water level decline, until rains made it go up again on June 30.

(Eagle News Service)