Amid rains, more than 800 join INC Worldwide Walk in Seoul, South Korea


(Eagle News) — Amid strong rains, more than 800 Iglesia Ni Cristo members in South Korea joined the May 6 Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty in a park in Seoul, South Korea.

Krishna Patnala, the independent witness assigned to monitor the walk site in Seoul, said he was surprised to find so many people participating in the vent.

“To my surprise, I saw so many people here,” he said.

More than 800 participants came, and Patnala noted that this was a “wonderful figure” considering the strong rains then.

“Despite the bad weather, whether it’s rain or shine, people are really interested and committed to the cause,” he said.

All the participants finished the 1.6 kilometer walk despite the heavy rains.

The South Korean capital was one of the more than 300 venues of the global charity march to fight poverty that will benefit poor communities in Africa.

The event was organized by the INC in cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

(with a video report from Christine Jewel Uy, EBC South Korea correspondent, Eagle News Service)