American kids and Filipino food = adorable!

QUEZON City, Philippines (December 20) – Adorable! Without a doubt, everyone can agree that this is the perfect word to describe the cute little kids in a viral video made by and posted in their Youtube channel.

The video shows American kids try out Filipino food.

Source: WatchCut Video

Viewers really enjoyed the no-holds-barred reactions of these kids trying out food from different parts of the world. Their innocence and their honesty makes one roll on the floor, laughing, especially when they come across something that they don’t like.

Looking at the comment section, a multitude of netizens can’t help but react – not just Filipinos – but other nationalities as well. Most of the food they served are the iconic dishes including tuyo, crispy pata and rice that is not usually served as their meal.

Source: WatchCut Video

In the beginning of the video, we can see that these kids had no idea on where those foods were came from, with the sole exception of the half-Filipina girl who pointed out that dishes served reminds her of food that her mother likes.

Source: WatchCut Video

It is just very entertaining seeing those kids eating our very own  dishes, and we want to see their reactions after tasting every single dish on their table. We’re very grateful seeing other kids liking our cuisine. Of course, we have to take the bad with the good – other kids are not that keen on our Pinoy cuisine.

Source: WatchCut Video

Again going back on the comments section, many of the Pinoy netizens can’t help but react negatively when the kids outrightly reject our food. There are even a few violent reactions from the Filipinos saying that the kids are discriminating against Filipino food and that they are disrespecting our culture. Others even said that the kids are overreacting – the food cannot be that bad.

On the other hand, there are also netizens who defended the kids. The opinion of these defenders is that we should not bash the kids because they don’t like the food – they are just being honest and vocal with what they really feel. Add the fact that it was the first time they ate those kind of food, then you cannot help but expect their hilarious reactions.

But then, almost everyone simply adored the boy in black sweatshirt that seemed to really enjoyed all the food he tasted except for the “taho”. He even likes the “balut” (fertilized duck egg) that is usually unappetizing for first-timers or for those who haven’t tried it. Moreover, he even brag about him being half-blooded Pinoy.

Source: WatchCut Video

And then we go to another very contentious topic – the “taho”. So many seemed hung up with the fact that the taho was served without  the arnibal or caramelized sugar. It was actually served with milk instead of the caramelized sugar, and we are actually thinking that they might like the original version of taho which is sweet and complements  the flavor of tofu.

Source: WatchCut Video

Lastly, many people also respond regarding the choice of Filipino foods they served on the kids’ table. Some comments said that they should’ve served more common dishes like adobo, sinigang or nilaga.  But for me as a Filipino, that over-all choice of food are just glimpses in our country’s culture and tradition as well as the way we live that is indeed very unique and simple.

(written by Francis Albuen, edited by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Vince Alvin Villarin)