ADMU president apologizes for “gaps, inadequacies” amid sexual harassment cases

(Eagle News)–Ateneo de Manila University President Jett Villarin has acknowledged the “gaps and inadequacies” of the “systems and processes” amid the allegations of sexual harassment against some of its faculty members.

In a statement posted on The Guidon, the university publication, Villarin also apologized for “all the terrible hurt and pain our community has been going through the past few days.”

“No one should ever feel unsafe in the classroom, in the office, on campus or anywhere in our community,” he said.

He said he intends to create an Office for the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults directly under the Office of the President.

He added the administration would also hold consultations with various stakeholders so that these and other possible initiatives could be set up.

“I assure the community that the administration will continue to listen and learn about how we can work more effectively for a safer school,” he said.

On Tuesday, students and faculty members held a protest action to call for transparency amid the sexual harassment cases on campus.

At least three professors have been the subject of the allegations online.