Admin raps filed vs screener who forcibly took money from tourist during NAIA screening

Nissan Villarino faces administrative charges after he was accused of forcibly taking two 1,000 HK dollar bills from a HK tourist on June 10. The MIAA said Villarino has admitted to the crime./MIAA/

(Eagle News)–Administrative charges are slated to be filed against a Ninoy Aquino International Airport screener after he forcibly took the money of a Hong Kong tourist during final screening at the terminal.

The Manila International Airport Authority said the access of NissanĀ  Abellon Villarino of the Office for Transportation Secretary to Terminal 2 has also been revoked following the incident on June 10.

The development came after Jackie Freeman Yuen, a friend of the tourist, narrated the incident on Facebook, upon their return to Hong Kong from the Philippines.

According to Yuen, who was subsequently contacted by MIAA, Villarino before taking the two 1000 HK dollar bills, Villarino had set aside his friend and asked him to open his backpack.

Yuen said the money was only returned after he and their other friends who knew English confronted Villarino.

“The MIAA regards the act as highly contemptuous and an insult to the rest of airport workers who are mindfully doing their jobs to earn their keep,” MIAA said.