37 more police personnel recover from COVID-19

Thirty-seven more recoveries among police personnel pushed the recovery tally to 4046, the PNP said on Sunday night./PNP/

(Eagle News)–Thirty-seven more police personnel have recovered from COVID-19, the Philippine National Police said on Sunday night.

With the additional recoveries, the PNP said the recovery tally climbed to 4046.

Thirty-four additional COVID-19 cases, however, brought the total to 5392.

Of these, the PNP said 1329 were active.

No new COVID-19 deaths were reported among police personnel, which means the death toll remains at 17.

The police are among the country’s frontliners amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as they man quarantine checkpoints and enforce laws.

Earlier, the PNP signed an agreement with the Makati Medical Center to ensure the good health of the police as they continue to perform their duties.