26 more police personnel recover from COVID-19

(Eagle News) — Twenty-six more police personnel have recovered from COVID-19.

The Philippine National Police said with the additional recoveries, the PNP COVID-19 total rose to 8923.

Thirty-six additional cases, however, pushed the PNP COVID-19 total to 9,277.

Of these, 326 were active.

No additional deaths were reported, which means the death toll remains at 28.

The government has said it was targeting COVID-19 vaccination of 50 to 60 percent of the population to achieve herd immunity.

Herd immunity takes place when most of the population is immune to an infectious disease, giving indirect protection to the rest.

Uniformed personnel–including policemen–are among the priorities in a COVID-19 vaccination in the country once a vaccine becomes available.

The government has temporarily banned foreign travelers from 28 countries following reports of the United Kingdom and South African COVID-19 strains there.