Toyota unveils concept car with artificial intelligence system


(REUTERS) — Carmaker Toyota unveiled a concept vehicle featuring digital displays throughout and an artificial intelligence system on Wednesday (January 04) at CES in Las Vegas.

According to Toyota, the vehicle features what they call ‘kinetic warmth,’ a warm and welcoming atmosphere to create a relationship between the driver and the car.

“The CALTY team developed a concept that we’re calling Kinetic warmth. It’s a design philosophy that’s guided every element of the Concept-i’s creation beginning with artificial intelligence. Now, it follows our belief that the vehicle of the future should not start with just technology, it should start with the experience of the people who use it,” said Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota.

The interior of the car does not feature a traditional black-dashboard but a digital display that provides information for the driver.

“There’s an amazing 3-D, heads up display to help keep the driver’s eyes and, most importantly, their attention to the road. But information also appears like magic on the dashboard, on the walls, on the seats, wherever you need it, whenever you need it,” said Carter during the vehicle presentation.

The artificial intelligence component, nicknamed Yui, helps drivers navigate and can switch the vehicle between automated and manual drive.

“Yui uses sophisticated biometric systems to monitor the driver’s attention and emotions and can help determine when to trade off control of the vehicle between automated and manual driving, depending on the conditions,” said Carter.

The white exterior of the car also features digital displays, including digital headlights, wheel displays and turn signals.