Iglesia Ni Cristo members from Australia and New Zealand conduct Regional EVM Awards

Iglesia Ni Cristo members from Australia and New Zealand gathered together to hold the First INCinema Regional Excellence in Visual Media (EVM) Awards launched by the Christian Family Organization (CFO) spearheaded by Brother Angelo Manalo.

This event was held in the Pioneer Room, Castle Hill Community Center, New South Wales.

The Regional EVM Awards recognized talented members of the Church, in the field of film making, with 7 film entries across Australia and New Zealand.



The District Supervising Minister of Australia East, Brother Teodorico Samson Jr., extended his utmost gratitude to the Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, and the head of CFO, Brother Angelo Manalo for their love and support to all members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo and that the members in Australia and New Zealand are strongly united with the Church Administration.

Such event has brought inspiration and happiness to all members of INC especially to all cast and crew who worked hard to make these inspirational films and have also given motivation to other aspiring  scriptwriters, directors, editors and actors to join the next INCinema Project.

(Eagle News Dwight Baloloy, Australia Bureau, Photos captured by Thruman Amisola, Graphics by Dexter Magno)