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Deadly trend: Fatal vehicle-ramming attacks in Europe that shocked the world

  (Eagle News) — Since July 2016, Europe has seen a deadly trend of attacks where “terrorists” used vehicles to kill and harm innocent people – bystanders, tourists, pedestrians,  including teenagers and children. The places they targeted were busy and popular streets, tourist spots, markets or just about any place where there were many pedestrians. The deadly vehicle-ramming attacks hit popular and highly developed European cities which people would normally think were safe and well-secured. […]

Infographics: The THAAD missile defense system

Washington has already deployed a powerful anti-missile system, THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), in the Asia-Pacific region, including South Korea, Japan and Guam itself. The system uses “hit-to-kill” technology, and it was successfully tested against an IRBM for the first time last month in Alaska. But it is designed to intercept a missile at the final “terminal” stage of its flight, so the South Korean- and Japanese-based batteries are unlikely to be effective. And […]