Heavy rains slowly fill up dams in the country

(Eagle News) — Four major dams in the country are slowly recovering due to heavy rains being experienced in the past few days.

The country’s weather bureau, PAGASA, said that La Mesa Dam, Ipo Dam, Binga and Pantabangan Dam, are slowly being filled up because of the recent heavy rains.

However, some of the dams outside the area affected by rains, did not benefit from the downpour.

Richard Orendain of PAGASA’s Hydrometeorological Service said that some of the dams in the country haven’t recovered yet, as their water stocks, particularly its water level only increased by a centimeter.

One of these is Angat Dam, since its catchment area is located in the eastern part of the country which is not affected by heavy rains.

Orendain said the rains have not reached the watershed of Ambuklao dam in Benguet.

Some of the dams even had reduced water levels, including Magat Dam in Isabela. Its water level was down by 45 centimeters due to the amount of water used in the irrigation of fields this planting or growing season.

Meanwhile, Orendain assured the public that the country’s dams are strong enough to withstand heavy rains. Their embankments are made of well compacted earth or soil. They are not made of concrete which can easily crack in case of shakes or quakes.

“Iba yung dam natin eh, mas matibay kasi kapag Earth dam. Hindi katulad nung concrete dam na kapag nagkaroon ng crack, wala na talaga. Pero yung Earth dam kasi mas matibay yun dahil lalong nacocompact yun mentras na nagkaroon halimbawa ng konting pag-alog. So, mas matibay ang Earth dam kesa sa concrete dam,” Orendain said during a phone patch interview with Net 25’s Agila Balita Tanghali.