Guam’s Lt. Governor visits Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister, presents official proclamation recognizing INC’s contribution to Guam

Guam’s Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio presents to Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo Guam’s official proclamation that declared July 27, 2017 as Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Day in Guam.  The proclamation also recognized the “many contributions” that the INC had done for the people of Guam and the rest of the world. (Eagle News Service)


QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) —  The second highest official of Guam recently visited the Iglesia Ni Cristo Central Office where he presented to INC Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo a proclamation from Guam that recognized the INC’s contributions to the island and the rest of the world.

During the courtesy call of Guam’s Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio to Brother Eduardo on Nov. 21 at the INC’s Central Office in Quezon City, he presented to the INC leader a framed copy of Proclamation No. 2017- 60 signed by Guam Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.

Lt. Gov. Tenorio also conveyed to the INC Executive Minister the sincere appreciation felt by the people and the government of Guam for the “many contributions INC leaders and the entire congregation have made to our society and for their continued commitment to making our island, and our world, a better place.”

This message was immortalized in Guam’s Proclamation No. 2017-60 which bore the seal of the Governor of Guam. The official document proclaimed July 27, 2017 as “Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) Day celebrating 103 years of faith and worship in our Almighty God.”



The Proclamation recognized the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) as a “Christian religion whose primary purpose is to serve and worship the Almighty God based on His teachings recorded in the Bible.”

“The Iglesia Ni Cristo is not a denomination or sect and it is neither affiliated to any federation of religious bodies nor itself an assembly of smaller religious organizations. It is a church for everyone who will heed the call of God and embrace its faith – regardless of one’s nationality, cultural background, and social standing, economic status, and educational attainment,” read Proclamation No. 2017-60 which was also countersigned by Guam Lt. Gov. Tenorio.

The proclamation cited how the Church from the Philippines was officially registered with the Philippine Government by the late Brother Felix Manalo as the Church’s first Executive Minister on July 27, 1914.

“From humble beginnings, INC has grown to be the largest, entirely indigenous Christian Church in the Philippines. It is also the largest religious organization that originated from Philippines and the largest independent Christian Church in Asia,” it said.

“Today, the membership of INC comprises at least 133 nationalities, and maintains about 137 ecclesiastical districts in the Philippines and in 112 more countries and territories, spanning 6 continents.”

Proclamation No. 2017-60 of the Guam governor noted that there were thousands of INC’s faithful members in Guam who are “part of the Ecclesiastical District of Marianas Islands, where Guam has four local congregations in Harmon, Apra Heights, Yigo, and Mangilao.”

“For decades, the INC has carried a tradition of sharing the gospel written in the Bible, edifying the brethren and helping those in need, and furthermore, INC has carried a proud tradition that continues to celebrate God’s blessings through spiritual development and maturity to our community on Guam and abroad,” Guam’s proclamation read.

It said that the people of Guam “are honored to celebrate the INC’s 103rd Year Anniversary and the countless contributions their members have made throughout our history.”

“These contributions and services have strengthened our island and fostering in helping to build a strong and flourishing community we are proud to call home,” the proclamation read.

In the proclamation, Guam governor Calvo said, “It is my privilege to recognize and honor the many contributions INC leaders and the entire congregation have made to our society and for their continued commitment to making our island, and our world, a better place.”

The proclamation was also signed on July 27, 2014, the 103rd anniversary of the INC, in Guam’s capital city of Hagåtña.

Aside from the framed copy of the Guam proclamation, Lt. Gov. Tenorio also handed to INC Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo a token representation of Guam’s almond shaped emblem, which depicts a proa sailing in Agana Bay near Hagåtña, and GUAM colored in red letters.

Tenorio was the second top official of Guam to make a courtesy call to Brother Eduardo.

On September 2016, Senator Rory J. Respicio, the majority leader of Guam’s 33rd legislature, made a courtesy call to the INC Executive Minister to present the legislative resolution of Guam that recognized and congratulated the INC on its 102nd anniversary last year.

“The Iglesia Ni Cristo is a very resilient Church, and the Church is here to stay,” said the senator then who flew to the Philippines last year specifically to present to Brother Eduardo Guam’s legislative resolution no. 419-33 which he had introduced and which was supported by 14 other legislators of Guam.

(Eagle News Service)