WHO maps dangerous misuse of antibiotics

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — The World Health Organization warned Monday that antibiotics consumption is dangerously high in some countries while a shortage in others is spurring risky misuse, driving the emergence of deadly superbug infections. In a first, the United Nations health agency said it had collated data on antibiotic use across large parts of the world and had found huge differences in consumption. The report, based on 2015 data from 65 countries and regions, […]

Pneumonia to kill nearly 11 mn children by 2030, study warns

PARIS, France (AFP) — Pneumonia will kill nearly 11 million children under five by 2030, experts warned Monday on a global day aimed at raising awareness of the biggest infectious killer of infants worldwide. While in the developed world the severe lung infection mainly affects the elderly, in developing nations it is children who bear the brunt, with hundreds of thousands dying each year from the easily preventable disease. More than 880,000 children — mainly […]

Superbugs to ‘kill millions’ by 2050 unless countries act

  by Patrick Galey Agence France Presse PARIS, France (AFP) — Millions of people in Europe, North America and Australia will die from superbug infections unless countries prioritize fighting the growing threat posed by bacteria immune to most known drugs, experts predicted Wednesday. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warned of “disastrous consequences” for public healthcare and spending unless basic hospital hygiene is boosted and unnecessary antibiotic use slashed. Drug-resistant bacteria killed more […]

Publiko, pinag-iingat ng DOH sa pagbili ng battery operated devices

Ni Belle Surara Eagle News Reporter (Eagle News) – Muling pinayuhan ng Department of Health (DOH) ang publiko na maging maingat sa pagbili ng mga produkto online lalo na ang mga battery operated devices. Ayon kay Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, ang mga naturang devices ay hindi laruan. Ito aniya ay nagtataglay din ng tinatawag na “concomitant health at safety hazards”. Magugunita na isang binatilyo ang nasabugan ng vape sa bibig matapos umanong makipag-swap ng […]

A machine makes water out of air – Israel-based tech company showcases technology in Vietnam

  HANOI, Vietnam (AFP-Services) — Imagine you could quench your thirst with water that doesn’t originate from a river, spring or lake, but comes directly out of the blue sky, from the air that surrounds you. What sounds like a science fiction movie is already a reality, and it is potentially for everyone. The new technology, developed by Watergen, an Israel-based tech company, is currently being showcased in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi. And this is […]

Skin cancer deaths rates soar, mostly for men: study

by Marlowe HOOD Agence France-Presse PARIS, France (Eagle News) — Skin cancer deaths among men have soared in wealthy nations since 1985, with mortality rates among women rising more slowly or even declining, researchers told a medical conference in Glasgow Sunday. Reasons for the discrepancy between sexes are unclear but evidence suggests men are “less likely to protect themselves from the sun” or heed public health warnings, lead researcher Dorothy Yang, a doctor at the […]

Parkinson’s disease may start in appendix, study finds

by Kerry SHERIDAN Agence France-Presse TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Parkinson’s disease has long been considered a disease of the brain, but research out Wednesday found it may start in the gut — specifically in the appendix, a tiny organ near the large intestine. Using health registries in Sweden and the United States, researchers found that those who had their appendix removed in early adulthood generally saw their risk of developing the incurable neurodegenerative disorder […]

Japan doctors warn heat could make 2020 Olympic marathon ‘deadly’

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — A group of Japanese doctors on Wednesday urged Olympic organizers to start the Tokyo 2020 marathon as early as 5:30am, saying failure to do so could “lead to deaths” from heatstroke. The warning is the latest in a chorus of concern about how extreme heat could affect several sporting events at the Olympic games, particularly after Tokyo sweltered through a record heatwave this year. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Tokyo […]

Dogs can be trained to sniff out malaria: researchers

TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Dogs can be trained to sniff out certain cancers, people at risk of a diabetic coma and now, children with malaria just by smelling their socks, researchers said Monday. According to the findings presented at the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene annual meeting in New Orleans, dogs were trained to sniff out malaria parasites in African children who tested positive for the mosquito-borne disease but did not have […]

Can eating organic food lower your cancer risk? Hard to prove

by Ivan Couronne Agence France Presse WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — A new, much-ballyhooed study showing that the most avid consumers of organic food had fewer cancers than those who never eat such products illustrates the difficulty of establishing cause and effect when evaluating diet and health. It is effectively impossible to prove beyond a doubt in a laboratory that any given food reduces the risk of developing an illness as complex as cancer. “Diet […]

Too fat to fight: Pentagon grapples with obesity epidemic

  by Thomas Watkins Agence France Presse WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Forget about the high-tech military challenges from China and Russia, the Pentagon is facing a fast-growing national security threat that could be even trickier to tackle: America’s obesity crisis. A study released this week has found that nearly one-third of young Americans are now too overweight to join up, a worrying statistic for military officials already facing recruitment challenges. “Obesity has long threatened […]

Cancer Compass

Rising cancer deaths compel oncologists to stress patients’ informed decisions

  By Caesar Vallejos, Eagle News Service In the Philippines, more than 141,000 cancer cases and 86,337 cancer deaths were reported in 2018 alone. Among the leading causes of cancer in the country, lung, liver and cervix are preventive while the breast and colorectal cancers can be cured if detected early, the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO) statement said at the press gathering called “Cancer Compass:  Guiding Patients Towards the Right Decisions in Cancer […]